Northgate Academy

Vocational Education

Our students have the opportunity to learn new work related skills, to develop their confidence and increase their social skills in our on site businesses and at our partner provision The Place to Bee. Whilst several students have gone on to pursue college courses or obtain employment in one of our vocation areas the main purpose is to help students learn about real life work expectations, challenge themselves to try new things, learn to follow instructions and develop their communication skills. Working alongside our trained job coaches they will learn what they like and do not like such as working outdoors (horti Hub), meeting new people (cafe and shop), working behind the scenes (kitchen) and sorting, pricing and product display (shop). They use this knowledge of what type of work suits them best to inform their post The Bee Hive choices whilst also gathering evidence towards their employability and preparation for work qualifications by demonstrating their skills, knowledge and aptitude in  real life situations.

Experience of work  beyond The Bee Hive

We try to give all of our students opportunities to build on their learning by using their skills in external placements. for some students this will be at our The Place to Bee  cafe and sweet shop, whilst for others it will be in local businesses. we are also developing links with a number of businesses to provide "pop up" services such on site catering, Enterprise or horticulture events. 

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The cafe and kitchen vocational areas


Horti Hub vocation area


The Donation Station


Retail vocation area