Northgate Academy


Curriculum and Assessment: 'two halves of the same coin'

A clear, sequenced and coherent curriculum has assessment at its heart. How we know that pupils have learned what they have been taught, that the knowledge has 'stuck' and can be independently applied in the 'long-term', is a crucial part of teaching, learning and assessment.

At Northgate, our pupils are assessed in a number of ways that suit and meet their many needs. We teach a range of varied and complex learners, who are assessed with a mix of methods, and the basis on which they are assessed will depend on:

  • Their learning pathway (SEND need and curriculum offer)
  • The assessment criteria used by each curriculum subject
  • Psychometric assessments ( at the start and end of each year) to assess wider skills, such as reading, spelling, and learning potential and in core subjects.

Outcomes for pupils are based on learning pathways and pupils' starting points. Staff ensure that the curriculum enables pupils to learn powerful, sequenced knowledge (regardless of, but relative to ability)  that will help them to make progress and equip them for whatever qualifications they may take, and the most appropriate post-16 pathway.

You will be able to see how we assess your child's learning, attainment and progress in our Assessment, Curriculum and Marking Policies.