Northgate Academy

Reading and Literacy


NCFE and Gateway employability skills underpin the curriculum at The Bee Hive. The qualifications allow students to explore and build upon skills in the work place from communication, to maths, ICT and careers. literacy is the back bone that allows students to study other subjects, from communicating with customers, to classroom-based activities.  

Literacy delivered at The Bee Hive is functional and related heavily to life skills and employability. During the two-year placement here, students develop their skills in speaking and listening, reading and writing. As employability and life skills are significant aspects within our post sixteen provision, we introduce students to a different style of literacy giving them real life scenarios within lessons and real-life experiences in the vocational settings. 

 We have reintroduced whole school reading sessions four mornings a week, in which students have the opportunity to build upon their reading skills through either Read Write Inc. Fresh Start programme or SORA.  

We take a holistic approach to English and ensure that students proof read their work in each subject, enabling them to use consistently high standards of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Through differentiation and individual learning plans, we enable students at all levels to excel within literacy both educationally and vocationally.