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Performing Arts

Whenever possible  we take students to watch performances, to join with others to perform or to take part in schools performance events. In November 2023 we took part in the Schools Shakespeare Festival and we received an excellent appraisal of our  work. You can read the full appraisal by following the link below but we would like ot share some highlights of it.

Our appraiser Nick Taylor wrote:

Congratulations Northgate Academy Trust for your fantastic reimagining of Macbeth as part of the Autumn 23 Shakespeare Schools Festival. It was a thrilling night of theatre, and I’d like to shine a spotlight on some aspects I really loved-


"This company of actors made some great characterisation choices!"

"This company used some very clear and striking visual images and sequences to help them tell the story"

"This production made some wonderful musical choices"

"A visual, vibrant and vicious Macbeth!

"We’re thrilled to have reimagined Shakespeare with you this year and have loved being with you on your journey from classroom to stage. We can’t wait to work with Northgate Academy Trust again in the next Festival!"

To read the full report click here