Northgate Academy



"My daughter Molly attends The Place to Bee one day a week through Northamptonshire Adult Social Care Services. She really enjoys working at the cafe and has learnt new transferable skills since starting with Trudi and her trusted team. The environment is safe and friendly, and fosters an inclusive small steps approach to learning new skills for young adults with special needs. The cafe and sweet shop also allow the young people to interact with the public in a protected environment where they can gain confidence in their interactions with unfamiliar people. I would highly recommend this setting for all with SEN who want to learn work skills."
Judith Plummer, Parent

My young person started at The place to Bee in July 2022. She attends two days a week .
I'm am highly delighted how well she has settled in there and how she is thriving in her life skills communication and confidence  this place has certainly boosted her self esteem,  and its a pleasure to hear her say how much she loves her job there.  I can't praise the staff enough for the support they have shown for my young person , as far as I'm  concerned this place is the place to be.
Sharon Nightingale, Parent


I can highly recommend the great work and dedication of the leadership and team at The Place to Bee.
Since attending from May 2022 we have seen the confidence, skill level and sense of well being of our cared for person who attends TPTB thrive and improve immensely .

The team always work and guide in a personal centred way towards its students whilst encouraging improvement on skills already achieved and working towards new meaningful learning opportunities and experiences. The communication given by the team to students parents / carers is outstanding and has proven to be extremely effective on numerous occasions.

The environment is extremely welcoming and has a caring , family atmosphere the moment you walk through the door and students always appear happy and motivated and this is obviously due to amazing and dedicated staff team.

Andrea Skoyles, Shared lives carer